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Cryptocurrency is the Future.

EmpireBIT understands the importance of cryptocurrency. Instead of denying and resisting the new technology because of the perceived threat to the existing cash ATM industry, EmpireBIT prefers to accept and embrace the idea that cryptocurrency will benefit the global economy.

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The Most Interesting Digital Asset In The World.

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Cryptocurrency is an emerging economic force worldwide. Business Insider reports that “global cryptocurrency markets are now averaging the same daily trading volumes as the New York Stock Exchange.

The explosive growth of cashless transactions presents a potential “fatal flaw” for traditional ATM providers, who do not have the capability of exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat currency.

This is where EmpireBIT comes into the picture. With our proprietary software, we can effectively convert the most popular cryptocurrencies into other coins

Smart System and Strong Analysis.

EmpireBIT, through its founders’ existing connections, customers and networks, plans roll out thousands of crypto ATMs where users can transact cryptocurrencies with nearly the same ease as a bank customer using a traditional ATM to withdraw cash.

Wallet System and Integrations.

At present, half of the existing crypto ATM providers deal only in Bitcoin and 66% offer the ability to only buy Bitcoin, but not sell it.

EmpireBIT’s crypto ATMS will allow buying and selling, and will transact multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and, once it is created, the EmpireBIT cryptocurrency.

Other cryptocurrencies may also be included in the crypto ATMs under appropriate financial arrangements.

Why Choose Us

Disrupting the ATM Marketplace.

EmpireBIT’s strategic partner Empire ATM Group has a proven track record of 13 years in the ATM industry, more than 7600 ATMs across the United States and more than $34 million in revenues the past 2 years.

EmpireBIT plans to become a leader in crypto ATMs where users will be able to convert Bitcoin, Ether, and other major cryptocurrencies into fiat currency with ease and speed.

EmpireBIT plans to leverage and translate Empire ATM Group’s success into the crypto ATM arena.


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Proposed Acquisitions?

Armored car and cash transport company, owned by EmpireBIT’s founders, that has been servicing crypto ATMs for more than one year. If acquired, United Armor, Inc. would generate revenues for EmpireBIT by servicing ATM customers’ need for cash transport to and from crypto ATMs.

Eventually acquiring one or more independent ATM operators, allowing for additional ATM placement opportunities at relatively low cost, providing EmpireBIT with additional end-to-end revenue, from manufacturing through distribution to retail, along with revenue from servicing the machines.

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