About the Founders: Mike & Evan Almeida

Michael and Evan Almeida started down a path to an “empire” nearly 20 years ago with their deep passion for business,  along the way receiving many accolades and praise for their accomplishments and success.  Their philosophy has always been simple: success will come by being determined, working hard, and making sacrifices.  As Michael has said, “You can’t build an empire with excuses.”

Hollywood Landscapes – was born. Michael began to build his fleet and infrastructure immediately to handle the workflow around his new model. Projects started small, averaging around $50,000-$70,000 within the first two years.  However, by the end of his eighth year, Michael had started his own landscape architect division, which averaged roughly $700,000 a project. Michael’s keen eye to design and sell large projects made Hollywood Landscapes one of the most sought-after landscape design companies in the area.

Michael’s largest landscaping project was just over $1.4 million.

Evan and Michael realized that they were more powerful together as a team than they were apart. In 2005, Evan and Michael officially opened their ATM business, Empire ATM Group, which grew to a full-time venture for both of them in only 3 years. Empire ATM Group began with 3 ATMs and has organically grown to more than 7600 machines located around the United States, both mobile and permanently stationed. In the ATM business, Evan is an expert in sales; client onboarding and relationship building; marketing; communication and negotiation; employee retention and motivation; and training who seeks to be on the forefront of technology, changing trends and markets and anticipating client needs. Michael is acting CEO of Empire ATM Group with his 20 years of executive leadership experience. Michael has shown the unparalleled commitment that has spanned multiple roles throughout their organization.  Over the years, he has been involved in sales, creating leasing programs, customer retention, corporate accounts, strategic growth, partnership development, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, and he even cleans the bathrooms from time to time.

Michael and Evan have frequently been asked to collaborate and consult on many topics and projects within both the payment processing world and the ATM industry.  Their leadership approach has been to inspire and collaborate with employees, which spreads through six Empire ATM Group offices in 5 different states and growing. From a very humble beginning with only 3 ATMs at the start, today Empire ATM Group grosses close to $20 million a year in revenues.

EmpireBIT Team


Michael Almeida

CEO & Founder

Michael Richard Almeida started down a path to an Empire nearly 20 years ago with a deep passion for business. Along the way receiving many accolades and praise for his accomplishments and success. His philosophy has always been simple: success will come by being determined, working hard, and making sacrifices. He said, “You can’t build an empire with excuses.”  [Read More..]








Evan Almeida

CFO & Founder

Evan became an open outcry commodities trader on Wall Street after starting as a clerk and working up to the broker level, where he specialized in coffee and sugar markets. As a commodities trader, Evan became proficient in market analytics, charting, supply and demand, and market needs and trends.  [Read More..]








Kendall A. Almerico

Securities Counsel

Kendall Almerico is an attorney with 30 years of experience who’s considered one of the top crowdfunding and JOBS Act experts in the U.S., applied legal acumen in the Regulation A+, equity crowdfunding & JOBS Act realm. [Read More..]







Belal Ellithy

Financial Advisor

Belal Ellithy is a finance professional with vast experience in financial analysis and modeling, pro-forma capital structures, relationship management, underwriting, business building strategies and possesses excellent presentation skills. [Read More..]




Lamiaa E. Elfar

General Counsel

Lamiaa E. Elfar serves as General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors of a privately held financial services company based in Wilmington, Delaware. She also operates her private law practice in NJ, NY and Washington, DC. [Read More..]




Keith Bliss

Investment Banker

Keith Bliss is an investment banker and licensed broker-dealer working with EmpireBIT, Inc. on its capital raising efforts. Keith also serves as Executive Director at Drive Wealth LLC and as Senior Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing for Cuttone & Company, Inc. [Read More..]